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``Our country is now emerging from a long recession that has hit the EU hard. Today we still face major challenges, like the urgent need to create jobs, but it is also a fact that our exports and competitiveness are substantially improving, mainly thanks to the talent and creativity of our companies`` this said HH Don Felipe de Borbon (Prince of Asturias -Spain-) today in his speech supporting the spanish companies presenting their projects to a range of international investors during the business meeting ``Spain Innovation & Technology.``

The Prince and Princess of Asturias started off yesterday an official visit to California and Florida that will last till next 19th November.

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Don Felipe underscored as well that "Spain is a country that can be proud of having a skilled workforce, a large number of great engineers and other professionals who are highly competitive, such as those we have heard here today." 

And he added: "Spain's technical universities provide an excellent training ground and are considered among the best in Europe. Our country has some of the best business schools in the world, including three of the international top twelve, according to a ranking recently published by the Financial Times. At these schools, 70% of the students have come from abroad, including a large number of Americans."

All pushing together through Estate-private colaboration and major companies supporting the SMEs
"In Spain, we are strongly committed to technology and innovation, to backing our high-tech firms and our entrepreneurs. And I believe we, as public servants, ought to do all we can to promote them, to facilitate their difficult task of entering new markets and gaining confidence of investors worldwide.  We invite you to meet them -some are here with us today-, to discover with them the modern Spain...", assured HH The Prince of Asturias, "Many of these companies are at the Spain Tech Center, a new showcase for our technology. The Spain Tech Center in San Francisco provides an effective model of public-private collaboration, easing the way for Spanish high-tech companies to land in Silicon Valley."

"I also would like to highlight the promotional role of Spain's major multinationals, some of them represented here," he explained, "These companies, in their international presence, are very often contracting the services of many Spanish start-ups, acting this way as a launch-pads for their internationalization, enabling many of these entrepreneurs to grow in different markets, especially in European and Latin American countries, with which Spain has close ties."

Spain, welcoming land for tourists, but also a land to make profitable investments
"Surely, many of you consider Spain a good tourism destination, which it is; attractive, fun and full of history and culture. In fact, it ranks 4th worldwide in number of tourists welcomed each year. Spain is indeed a warm country, in many ways or for many things, not only for tourism; it is also a specially warm and welcoming place to live and work, a country good for doing businesses, for enterprise and investment,"  Don Felipe told to the audience.

"Spain has traditionally been an investment destination for major multinational corporations, and many of their Spanish factories have kept quality and competitive levels that make them flagships of efficiency for their brands. So we want to become, once again, a major destination for a new wave of investments, especially in technological firms, both in the large and more established range, as also in the medium or small size range of companies; that may be more recent and less known but are, however, performing remarkably well in the midst of difficult economic circumstances," he underscored and also pointed: "Today, and during the next few days, I will have the chance to meet with American investors and entrepreneurs who have put their money on Spanish technology and Spanish talent, on Spanish companies. And I must say I feel proud to know that they all have very positive experiences." 

Spain, a bridege to Europe, but also to Latin America
"In reaching the end of my remarks, I would like to mention Spain's role in bridging the European and Latin American markets. Our geographic location and our status as a member of the EU make us an ideal launch-pad not only to the European market, but also the Mediterranean Region as well as Latin America," remarked Don Felipe who also referrred to the special ties with Latin America and the opening of the Spanish chapter at the HITEC: "Our close ties with Latin America, due to our common history and culture, but also to our modern business and investment relations are a clear asset in this sense. And I´m happy to say that these ties have been further strengthened with this morning's opening of the Spanish chapter at the prestigious Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC); an organization for Hispanic IT executives from leading corporations, whose representatives, by the way, are also with us this morning.

On the images: 

Photo 1: HH The Prince of Asturias during his speech at the "Spain Innovation & Technology” meeting. © House of HM the King of Spain/Borja Photographers.

Photo 2: HH The Prince of Asturias and HH the Princess of Asturias during the "Spain Innovation & Technology” meeting. © House of HM the King of Spain/Borja Photographers.

Photo 3: HH The Prince of Asturias during the business breakfast with the representatives of a group of Technological  companies. © House of HM the King of Spain/Borja Photographers.

Photo 4: HH The Prince of Asturias and HH the Princess of Asturias during their visit to Google's headquarters, where they were shown Google's project that allows a trip along the history of the Spaniard presence in the USA through Google maps. © House of HM the King of Spain/Borja Photographers.

Photo 5: HH The Prince of Asturias  wear Google Glass while at Google's headquarters at Silicon Valey. © House of HM the King of Spain/Borja Photographers.

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